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Getting Started

WELCOME I look forward to writing some original erotica tailored specifically for you. Let's begin! 


First: please answer the questions below. After I receive your information, I may reach out to you with some follow-up questions if I need to clarify anything, before I begin putting your fantasy into words.  Plus, I can give you an estimate as to when your story will be done for you to enjoy.*


*Generally, a Quickie (about 1000 words) has a faster turn-around time, but an Affair (about 8000 words) can definitely be worth the wait.

As with all other content on the site:

  • Each story is under copyright protection of Christian Pan Erotica. 

  • Your privacy is protected at all times, and will not be revealed to anyone.

  • All content for Christian Pan Erotica is between consenting adults (18+ years), and is a pan-sensual LGBTQ-friendly, sex-positive space. I won´t write original content that involves children, violence, discrimination, and so on. Let´s keep it fun and fulfilling (and dirty).

Also, with tailored erotica:

  • You decide if the story you are commissioning from me appears on the site´s Members Only page or not (see below). If it is, your identity will still be protected.

  • If or when Christian Pan Erotica chooses to publish your story, you will be notified and sent a complimentary copy.


Okay, let's do it. 

Talk to me
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