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Crushing It


In the future, a giant alien woman comes to Earth, demanding immediate surrender. After rockets and other weapons practically bounce off of the skin of their leader, Commander Elsha, she begins to crush entire cities under her high-heeled boots. Conquering the human race, all of civilization becomes miniaturized, with populations placed inside tiny communities reminiscent of insects living in an ant-farm, the planet´s resources being harvested to become a kind of interstellar resort for other aliens. These microscopic humans are watched over by "shepherds" like Ludyani, another colossal extra-terrestial, whose towering presence rivals buildings or mountains. For most of the survivors, her very presence inspires terror and awe.

And sexual arousal. While the reader encounters few other sentient beings in Miss Kaneda´s speculative novella Conquest, we do get an in-depth window into the unique fetishes and erotic desires of Ludyani. Simply toying with diminutive humans, absorbing their worshipful gaze, is not enough; nor is the ardor of the tiny and submissive Norman, who once was a general within the army, who is entranced by her mountainous breasts, the sheer slopes of her hips and legs. Instead, Ludyani´s kink is to crush these tiny humans beneath her high-heeled boot, extinguishing their lives in bloody ease. She often likes to follow up this carnage with repeated viewings of recordings of her destroying these men, women, and children while masturbating. Sometimes, mixing it up, Ludyani will get wet watching films of her idol Elsha, as her Commander crushes Toronto and Osaka, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Other times, Ludyani may force a tiny human to lick the sole of her boot or the lips of her cavernous vagina. But throughout this novella, the main source of erotic pleasure derives from a giantess crushing armies of humans underfoot.

Miss Kaneda herself is a giantess, whose multifaceted work specializes on the fetish of crush. In addition to Conquest, she creates videos, pictures, and other products for fellow "crush enthusiasts." While this particular paraphilia may not turn everyone on, there is no doubt that Miss Kaneda is creating this fantasy with zeal. Forget about taking a walk on the wild side: enter Conquest, and the wild side will walk all over you.

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