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Fumbling Towards Ecstasy


In art as in life, part of what makes something is the build up, how one orchestrates the tension. Many authors of erotica utilise a variety of strategies to inventively prolong the scene, increasingly the sensuality, making us anticipate more of the sex, getting the reader to yearn for climactic release. Independent writer Olivia Lawless seems to know this intimately, and to enjoy crafting erotic stories which manipulate our minds and bodies while reading. Her narratives are filthy, imaginative, and playful. In this pair of contrasting stories reviewed below, she purposefully prolongs the foreplay, forcing her characters to delay and overcome obstacles before fully consummating their desires and fantasies.

At the top of Holiday Handyman, the first in Lawless´ three-part "BC Repair Man" series, Beverly is a frustrated divorceé with a young son. She hasn´t had any kind of sex in a really long time, and so is pretty open to suggestions--including scheduling someone to come for a very intimate sort of housecall. Her best friend Wendy knows of a repair service that also offers sexual favors, so long as the caller "asks for a specialist", a key code phrase that Beverly nearly forgets to include in making her appointment. Ultimately, with a little bit of clumsy gaffes, she has a man scheduled for the following morning. Far from being a thoroughly confident sexual adventurer, our middle-aged protagonist is someone many of us can identify with: excited as well as nervous, titillated at the prospect of hiring a sexual partner to come to her home as well as uncertain if she will even go through with it. The repair service gave her a code word, "balloon", with which to signal whether or not Beverly wants to complete the process of making her fantasy into a reality.

Lawless next throws a wrench into the works: when repairman Ethan arrives to (ahem) make sure Beverly´s plumbing is working, she informs him her job has scheduled a last-minute Zoom meeting for the exact time. Instructed to keep their cameras on, her boss begins by singling out one of the staff who had a birthday. Beverly unconsciously speaks the code word, which cues the hunky Ethan to start fondling her out of sight of her laptop´s camera. Will Beverly be able to keep her cool, as things get increasingly heated down below? Part of the fun of Holiday Handyman is witnessing how Lawless forces her characters solve these obstacles, as they stumble their way towards gratification.

For readers interested in reading about sexual play which is a bit more edgy and deviant, Lawless´fictional "Dominatrix School" might be a place to register post-haste. Each entry corresponds to specific kinds of activity, offering an array of fetishes and kinks. Set in the "Red Room," The Appointment features bondage, femdom, and pegging.

Trish is into light spanking and the occasional wrist-restraints during sex, but her fiancè Braydon is interested in exploring more. So, in anticipation of their upcoming wedding, she gifts him a surprise session with the sexy and powerful dominatrix Ms. Poppy. Within moments upon arrival, this powerful stranger adorned with silver buckles and thigh-high black boots commands him to strip off his clothes before she undresses before him. When initially finding himself spontaneously aroused by her naked beauty as well as the role-playing, he is quickly confused by the contrasting shock of sensations. Ms. Poppy strikes his cock, which is slowly stirring into an erection, instructing him to only get hard when she tells him he is allowed to do so.

As the story unfolds, this submissive novice is bathed in icy cold water, chained into a giant X while standing in front of a fire, and disciplined with a riding crop. Like Beverly in Holiday Handyman, Braydon is someone readers can identify with. He alternates between being turned on to being confused, until eventually reaching obedience and a complete sexual submission to what Ms. Poppy has in store for him, a fantasy that Trish may not be able to fulfill for him, but which this dominatrix is more than happy to. Even if one´s kink doesn´t including pegging, the climactic scene with Ms. Poppy is sure to arouse and stimulate.

The complete catalogue of Lawless´ erotica includes series featuring cosplay, a fantasy brothel, even an alien sex zoo. Clearly, she enjoys writing hot scenes with relatable characters in heightened situations, characters who are awkward, curious, and hungry for something new in their sex lives. Sounds good, don´t you think?

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