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Let´s Get Physical

2021 (Cleis)

Is your sex life feeling a little too routine lately? Do you and your partner want to find a fun new workout to burn off those extra pounds you gained during the pandemic? What if you could do both at the same time.

Sexercise: F*ck Yourself Fit and Burn While You Bang is a slender book of under a hundred pages that can fit easily in your back pocket, right up next to your ass cheek, as you and your partner get physical. Written simply and with a wonderful dose of sass by Wilma Fingerfit (Hmmm....what do you think, that a pseudonym?), Sexercise offers a range of sexy suggestions to get you and your partner shredding muscle while simultaneously getting off (and vice versa).

The booklet is divided into four sections, with each page featuring an exercise intended to increase in physical challenge and stamina, from dry-humping to sharing a nice hot shower together. Each one of the thirty-five exercises here is also accompanied by stick-figure drawings of gender-neutral people (think the kinds of figures you might see on the door of a restroom or at a hospital), a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic which only makes Fingerfit´s book feel more droll and inviting.

Incorporated into more familiar physical activities such as "The Squat Like It´s Hot" are exercises emphasizing intimacy and communication, such as the "Safe Sex Salsa" and "The Lubricator". Beginners may enjoy getting onto the "Bridge of Thighs", whereas "The Leap Froggy" and "The Marble Arch" are definitely geared towards more seasoned sexperts. In addition to a checklist at the end, there´s even a section to log your progress with these sexercises.

Fingerfit´s text is one that teases yet invites, keeping the heart open with humor as readers of this book learn how to make their sex safe and enjoyable while also more physical and even athletic. Some of these exercises are definitely workouts, and may not be for everybody; but just as Fingerfit welcomes all kinds of couples to strip down and dive in, Sexercise probably contains at least a half dozen activities that you haven´t thought of, but would be sexy to try. Hopefully, study groups, private sessions, and communities based on the material found in Sexercise : F*ck Yourself Fit and Burn While You Bang will rise up everywhere, just in time for spring.

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