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Independent author Anya Knightly has a very specific niche: she enjoys writing stories about "horny hotwives"--married women who are encouraged by their husbands to pursue sex with other partners. In her fiction, these scenarios portray women relishing greater sexual freedom and expression; Knightly´s (predominantly heterosexual) characters revel in having their cake and not only eating it, but consuming it ravenously: their marriages are loving and sexually satisfying, but Knightly´s women just need a bit more to truly satiate their appetites.

With over a dozen titles to her credit, the short stories that make up Knightly´s "first-time hotwives" series is a good place to begin for readers interested in learning more about this particular fantasy, and discover how these encounters can turn-on not only the horny hotwives but their voyeuristic husbands, as well.

In The Horny Hitchhiker and Me (the third entry in Knightly´s five-part stand-alone series of stories), things are hot and heavy by the second paragraph. Nancy wakes up her husband Jim, feeling frisky. She hungers for some delicious morning-sex before the two get on the road for their annual nine-day vacation in Maine. Told from the wife´s perspective, the opening pages clearly show how much she loves her husband, particularly because he gives Nancy "the best cunnilingus ever," and she "can´t get enough of his cock". Yet, despite stating that she has sex twice a day with her husband, Nancy´s libido remains restless.

During the drive north, a fair-haired and handsome hitchhiker appears by the side of the road. Jim casually asks if she would like to him to stop and pick up him up, so that Nancy can climb into the backseat with him while her husband drives and watches. Initially surprised by this suggestion, Nancy is intrigued as he calmly explains his proposal, acknowledging that he´s well aware that he cannot completely satisfy her sexually, and that now they can solve this with some no-strings-attached "hotwifing." Apparently, he´s been silently fantasizing about this, researching it online, and offers Nancy some parameters and ground rules for his wife to let her know how this kink "works."

How this extensive conversation between the two of them can possibly unfold while the car is still approaching the hitchhiker, will challenge readers who insist on their erotica existing in a realm that observes the laws of gravity. To enjoy this and all of Knightly´s fiction, you just...have to let that go! This is a fantasy, a fiction, not documentary reporting. Having agreed heartily to her husband´s proposal, Nancy tells Jim to pull the car over.

Within moments of climbing into the backseat, we learn that the Australian accent of Hitchhiker Leo really gets Nancy´s juices going, as well as the fact that he is visiting a friend up in Bangor, near their destination. As Jim drives, Leo is quickly touching Nancy in the backseat, above and beneath her clothes, but soon the entire vehicle feels that this is not nearly enough. Pulling over to the nearest motel they can find, Jim books a room so that he can enjoy masturbating while watching this stranger fuck his wife. Nancy sucks off Leo before lying missionary-style on the bed. After he ejaculates all over her face and chest, she moves over to swallow her husband. By the end of The Horny Hitchhiker and Me, it looks like Leo will be spending the night up at their cabin, and maybe invite his friend over, too. Jim and Nancy´s hotwife experiment, apparently, was an immediate success.

In the other story, part four of Knightly´s series, the titular character is alone in the house, while her husband Steve is away on business in DC. It´s the summer, and their air-conditioner isn´t working. To find out how Hotwife Sheila Beats the Heat, we first need to follow her, clad only in her pink bikini, over to the house of her neighbor Alex. Answersing the door wearing only boxer briefs, she tells him how disappointed that his amateur repair skills failed to fix her and her husband Steve´s A/C. To make things right, Sheila says while touching his stiff erection, he needs to pound her with some rough sex to help work out her frustration and get her to "cool off".

Immediately, Alex asserts her control, and Sheila willingly obeys his every command. He takes her from behind, licks her everywhere below the waist, before taking her back to his bed. When he accompanies her back to her house, he places ice cubes into all of her orifices while he fixes her air-conditioner. When he returns, the ice has melted, and another round of orgasms are shared in front of the refrigerator.

In both stories, the husbands display an almost otherworldly-understanding to their wives´ lustful proclivities. The details of Jim & Nancy or Sheila & Steve are vague--we know they are professionally successful, physically fit, and care for one another bottomlessly. Rather than fully-realized characters, the people populating Knightly´s erotic fantasies are almost like costumes, theatrical masks to be worn by the reader. Both Hotwife Sheila Beats Back the Heat and The Horny Hitchhiker and Me emphasize sexual acts far more than dialogue or story. The aim of Knightly´s stories seems less about erotica-as-literature, and more about creating short pornographic vignettes to get the reader off. If you are like Nancy or Sheila, and crave a quick outlet for some sexual fantasies within your otherwise happy marriage, this fiction might be just the ticket.

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