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Some Sizzle

2021 (Independent)

Simone Blue´s quartet of erotic short stories utilizes a clever premise: Wilder, a handsome and self-assured delivery guy with an exceptionally strong libido, makes in-person deliveries to various homes in a fantasy of a hyper-sexual suburbia. Each chapter correlates to a stop along his route, and the various encounters he enjoys along the way. Each episode features a different kind of sex, a new form of gratification, almost guaranteeing that at least one stop will turn on every reader who picks up this collection.

The first stop on Wilder´s route is the Caldwells, where the woman of the house instructs our physically strong and handsome delivery guy in placing the package here, then there, and then over there. Think of Mrs. Caldwell as a kind of "suburban dominatrix", who tips our hard-working protagonist with some time with her maid, Jessica (this character is the sexy and submissive heroine of Blue´s other collection of short erotica, The Maid´s Chores, which was also published as an e-book in April).

Next, Wilder "helps" the horny Mrs. Franklin screw in a lightbulb while the work-obsessed Mr. Franklin barks into his phone in the office next door. When dropping off a package at the McCoy residence, the couple are having sex. Instead of watching, as he has done in the past, Wilder decides to join in, and have sex with both of them.

The last visit takes place not inside a home, but inside Wilder´s delivery van. In the past, Harper has flirted with the delivery guy, and been in control of how and where they enjoy their heated chemistry. In this chapter, she willingly lets herself be dominated like a dog, while her own puppy is tied by its leash to the door handle outside.

Blue´s writing is clean and direct, and each hot scene within The Delivery Guy Delivers begins as quickly as possible. The men and women here are constantly in a state of arousal, always ready to get down and dirty. Yet, for all of their acts of desire, each character in these stories feels like outline, a hastily drawn sketch. Even Wilder, the protagonist, feels more like a "type" than a distinct being. Perhaps this absence of detail is intentional on Blue´s part, and is intended to provide the reader with more ease in projecting themselves into the fantasy?

Like the author´s companion series starring Jessica, this collection of Wilder´s sexual adventures can certainly spawn future sequels: new homes, new couples, new wives, all yearning in suburbia for the delivery boy to ring their bell. The Delivery Guy Delivers can be enjoyed as a quartet of erotic tales, but each one can also stand on its own. Hopefully, as future trysts about this delivery boy are written, the author will reveal more about Wilder, Mrs. Caldwell, the Franklins, and the others. Such details, in my opinion, will only turn up the heat on Blue´s already sizzling conceit.

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