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Spicing Things Up

Updated: Mar 26

2024 (Pink Crush)

Like any genre, erotic stories come with a series of expectations from the reader. We want to get off, right? Want to have the characters get naked and get busy as soon as possible. The trick for authors (at least, the ones that are writing primarily for pleasure) is to find ways to keep the stories engaging for the reader yet not grow stale and repetitive. On the page as in the bedroom, sometimes you have to experiment and spice things up.

The latest release from Kitty LaPorte should satisfy readers interested in narratives that are both hot as well as imaginative. An erotica author who bounces between Paris, Libson, and New York, her latest collection Sensations, Book 2 broadens the definition of "erotic". LaPorte`s stories explore a variety of kinks and titillating scenarios, all providing good fantasy material for readers and their lovers to enjoy.* *(And if folks really want to get into the mood, readers should check out LaPorte´s line of sexy lingerie at Pleasur. Store. Between those items and her books, all you need to bring is your imagination).

A strong example of this author´s sensual craft is "Click". In this story, a couple find that they connect on multiple emotional and intellectual levels. However, in the bedroom, the woman feels disappointed at how docile her boyfriend is, how his lack of confidence makes their lovemaking too routine and too quick. That all changes, however, when she suggests that he take pictures of her, that he treat her like the models he works with as a professional photographer. Within moments, he is transformed, his entire being suddenly much more powerful and dominant, and she feels a rush of arousal being told exactly what to do under his lights and within the lens of his camera. Not only do the two enjoy great sex, but she looks forward to reliving the experience afterwards through all of the pictures he took.

In "The Bell," the D/s relationship between the two central characters is emphasized even more. As the story opens, he sets the rules for their sexual interactions immediately: after she satisfies him, he will set a tiny clock for four minutes. She has that long, and only that long, to orgasm. At first, she finds it frustrating and difficult to get herself to climax in such a brief window of time. But she is an eager to please submissive, and soon she finds herself getting aroused by the sound of ticking clocks anywhere, as if she has been transformed into some sort of Pavlovian dog. As a reward, her dominant lover takes her on a trip to Europe over the holidays, and readers might squeal with surprise when we discover that the luxurious hotel room he´s chosen is right off the main square where the church bells chime each hour on the hour.

Sensations, Book 2 celebrates the sensual in the experiences of its characters, particularly skin on skin as well as skin on latex. Whether writing in erotic prose or poetic form, LaPorte writes confidently about her characters´ inner lives, taking time to enter the psychology of men and women curious to explore new frontiers of their desire. Kitty LaPorte has a vast catalogue of erotic stories, but this collection of short stories is an excellent place to begin.

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