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Testing Her Luck


Married and kinky, Breanna and Travis are enjoying some drinks at their favorite pub. Filled with alcohol-induced bravado, the two start daring one another, quickly escalating into a sexually-charged bet: would Bre be willing to give oral sex to the next guy who enters the bar? She doesn´t really like giving blowjobs--at least not at the beginning of this short erotic story--and Travis assumes that the guy who enters will be ugly, or with a small penis, or ideally a combination of the two. But then Conner walks in, a gorgeous blond-haired man, and Breanna holds him to the bet.

"Luck of the Irish, love," Breanna winks, before taking Conner to the back alley to suck him off while her husband Travis watches and masturbates.

Irish Luck takes place over the course of three Saturdays leading up to St. Patrick´s Day, and is part of her Festive Flings series, centering the sex around the most popular holidays of the year (Thanksgiving, Valentine´s Day, etc). Author Vivian Blake is the author of over 25 stories, whose erotica genres include fantasy, paranormal, and BDSM. In Irish Luck, she is paying particular attention to the psychology of the cuckold.

Blake investigates the complex mindset of this kink with respect as well as play. Travis not only enjoys seeing his wife having sex with other men, but seems to especially enjoy the humiliation while it is happening. Breanna quickly observes this as well, constantly telling him how big these new cocks are, relishing being objectified by these strangers. While before this first bet she claimed to not enjoy oral sex that much, she discovers that, within the parameters of this scene, she becomes exceptionally turned on. She bobs, gags, swallows, and more, with complete gusto.

Irish Luck is structured around three escalating sexual bets, all with strangers who are more handsome, more big and hard, than the previous one. After each interlude, Travis and Breanna come closer together, feeling that their marriage is even more intimate and close, their lovemaking characterized by tenderness after the almost-brutal anonymity of the sex with the strangers they pick up in the bar. Even if cuckolding is not your particular kink, there are plenty of erotic episodes within Blake´s story, described with efficiency and detail which will most likely get you hot while you read. A talented independent author of erotica with a filthy imagination, her narratives expertly blend sex with humor and the taboo into a delectable brew. Imbibing one of Vivian Blake´s fictional worlds goes down easy, but are no less intoxicating.

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