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The Pros and Cons of Hotwifing

2021 (Oakview Publishing LLC)

Rowan and her husband Parker are a happily married couple, with a loving and satisfying sex life. Both are athletic, smart, and sexy. They have been married seven years, and their relationship at first appears indistinguishable from that of many other couples. However, during lunch with her parents Teddy and Susie, the conversation turns towards relationships, and how to keep the connection strong and intact. The parents mysteriously allude to "exploring new avenues", and that sometimes "compromises" have to be made. The two get so turned on by the subject that, in the middle of lunch, Teddy & Susie make up a lame excuse to go to another room. Muffled sounds and flushed cheeks upon their return provide clues that the older couple just enjoyed a quick blowjob.

On the drive home, the younger couple react in different ways. Rowan is shocked, mostly as she tries to wrap her head around the fact that her parents are sexual beings; she feels like this is "too much information", and is embarrassed and confused by the whole event. By contrast, her husband thinks Teddy and Susie are on the right track, that marriages do require some inventive compromises and negotiation sometimes. In fact, Parker uses this incident at his in-laws to bring up a fantasy that he has entertained privately with Rowan for some time: her becoming a "hotwife": a woman who willingly has sex with other men outside of her primary relationship, and including moments where the husband watches and/or participates.

Such is the premise of the unusual erotic novella My Hotwife Inside: A First-Time Journey of Discovery. The author of nearly sixty books, GK Grayson predominantly writes within the "wife-sharing" and "cuckold" subgenres of erotica. Often telling his tales from the perspective of his women protagonists, Rowan´s questions, feelings, concerns, and arousal are at the center of My Hotwife Inside, as the reader witnesses how she contemplates how to turn this fantasy into a reality.

I have read a number of stories and novellas which fictionalize this particular kind of kink, and this story contains a number of tropes that will prove familiar to fans of this strand of erotica. However, Grayson makes My Hotwife Inside distinct from the rest in two important ways.

The first is the extent to which he has this quartet of characters--Rowan, her husband Parker, her parents Teddy & Susie--talk about the pros and cons of this kind of open relationship. More than any other erotic novella I can recall from recent memory, My Hotwife Inside reads sometimes almost like a prescriptive, outlining the common pitfalls couples fall into when exploring this kind of ethical non-monogamy. There are also in-depth passages that articulate what are some "best practices" for couples intrigued by this kind of experience. How to make it work? What are some helpful rules or parameters, if you and your partner want to do more than just talk about it?

Further, Grayson creates a contrast between Rowan/Parker and Teddy/Susie, that goes beyond just a difference in age. The parents have been engaged in this kind of wife-sharing for a number of years, Rowan discovers, but without clear boundaries or healthy communication about it. During the course of My Hotwife Inside, we see how this reaches a critical breaking point within their relationship, and how it threatens to destroy their marriage. This, in turn, causes Rowan to seriously reconsider keeping this hotwife fantasy relegated to the realm of her imagination only, as she and Parker see how easily this avenue can put the couple into jeopardy.

Just to be clear: Grayson´s novella does not operate only from the neck up. He includes plenty of arousing scenes in My Hotwife Inside devoted to depicting steamy sex (in couples as well as groups) and counterbalancing the cerebral with the carnal, creating a story which is both intelligent as well as erotic. It´s a distinct kind of read, one that stimulates the mind as well as the loins. I applaud Grayson for his ability here to ask important questions about the entire hotwife/cuckold adventure, while simultaneously creating characters which are believable, attractive, and curious.

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