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Theatre of Cruelty


Red-haired and turned on, and naked save for a pair of thin black underwear, Victoria has just received a spanking. The limbs of her body spread-eagled, when the story begins her wrist is being cuffed by one of her two Masters, a couple that we only know of as Mister and Mistress X. Victoria has contacted them to satisfy her in ways that her husband Charles cannot. She has volunteered to be their submissive over the course of a long weekend in secret, while her spouse is away. While ashamed that she feels the need to cheat on her adoring husband, the shame also serves as an aphrodisiac for Victoria: the more depraved and filthy the experience, the better.

The erotic story A Touch of Cruelty begins "in media res": we do not know the specifics as to why Victoria feels unsatisfied sexually with her husband Charles, or why she cannot communicate with him about her innermost fantasies; nor do we know who these dominating people are in this dungeon, or how Victoria met them, where they are, and so on. Author Jordan Riley prefers instead to thrust the reader immediately into the action, to identify with the submissive and obedient heroine at its center, and focus instead on the sensation. In many ways, A Touch of Cruelty is more pornographic than erotic; the emphasis here is on the costumes, the props, the theatricality of sadomasochism, and the delayed gratification of Victoria´s pleasure.

The scenes of this kinky drama build in intensity, one going further than the one before, resulting in an experience that would leave even the most experienced subs spent. A Touch of Cruelty features nipple-play as well as impact play; floggers, clamps, and chastity belts; exchanges of power and more. In addition to some eventual play with Mistress X, Victoria also enjoys some limited same-sex with another "pet", Kris. And even though men appear in greater number in Riley´s tale, the women are the ones who are clearly in charge here.

The author makes no delay in getting her readers off, and A Touch of Cruelty is a pleasurable one designed for reading and enjoying with one hand. So if you like erotic writing which is down, dirty, and to the point, then stop reading this review, pet, and submit to the imagination of Jordan Riley now.

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