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Updated: Oct 17, 2022


Theatre La Chatte, a fictional underground world of eternal decadence located somewhere in a private Paris of the mind. To step down its dark stairwell , one leaves not only Montmartre but also the present time. Here, visitors move through another time, one filled with desire, power, and monsters. Red velvet, gold tassels, dim lighting: description of this world are elusive and fleeting, like a fantasy. It is intimate, but unlike other cabarets you may have visited. The possibilities here feel both sensual as well as a little dangerous.

The club´s owner, Madame LeClerc, presses a button, and the electronic rush of Ellie Goulding´s "Anything Could Happen" begins to pulse around you. From the darkness appears Rose, a hauntingly beautiful young erotic dancer who performs under the name Scarlette. She approaches a divan lit in red and purple, and begins her first striptease for La Chatte´s shadowy guests. The permanent ink of skulls and flowers decorating her porcelain body like garlands begin to ripple sinuously as the dance continues, her tiny sequin dress falling to the floor, followed by her pale blue lingerie. Her performance is a silent seduction, spoken in the language of desire and of hunger.

Before her dance is finished, she notices a handsome stranger entering La Chatte. His clothing and body language signal confidence and wealth, Rose concludes, and when she has the chance to rendezvous with him in a smaller room for a private encounter. Would it be another dance? Would it be more? It had been a long time since Rose/Scarlette had considered having sex with a client, but she also looks forward to meeting this mystery man for personal as well as financial reasons. Intriguingly, the stranger tells Madame LeClerc that he wishes to see his private dancer last, at the end of the night. Who is he? And why is Rose so turned on by him?

A new creator working simultaneously across various media, Simone de Boudoir´s Blood On Her Lips is more than just an erotic story to be read; using still and moving images along with the written word, de Boudoir has created a multi-media experience that is interactive. In addition to authoring the story, de Boudoir is also model, dancer, and filmmaker. Those that embark on this ongoing tale--at present, there are six chapters to Blood On Her Lips, with more still to come--supplement reading individual chapters with photographs of Rose (played by de Boudoir). One can also pause reading the chapters to view short original videos, each one corresponding to key moments described in the written story. These are essentially public stripteases, with a soundtrack including music by Anna Calvi, White Lies, and Bat for Lashes.

In addition to being sexy, Blood On Her Lips is also a gothy pleasure just in time for Halloween. There are a number of clues that signal to the reader that Rose´s mysterious stranger is unlike any other human being she has ever met--wearing sunglasses when he arrives shortly before midnight for his private dance, for example, as well as the icy cool temperature of his skin. A particularly erotic episode at La Chatte inspires them to leave together after work, tentatively getting to know one another while strolling the nocturnal streets of Paris. More sex ensues on the street before Rose invites the stranger to her small flat nearby, their anonymity punctuated by kisses, as well as bites. Even without the title of the story, anyone can discern what makes this stranger different, right?

The combination of fiction, photography, videos, and music creates a richly-layered world, one that stimulates and arouses multiple senses. With Blood On Her Lips, du Boudoir almost invites the reader into the audience of Theatre La Chatte, or to shadow Rose and the stranger as they observe the lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkle in the middle of the night. In another clever move, the "services" page allows participants on the site to request their own private dances with du Boudoir--from still images to customized videos. In this way, Blood On Her Lips engages and arouses across multiple dimensions, utilizing different levels of engagement and participation. Being in du Boudoir´s company is an adventurous, sexy, fun experience, one that is likely to keep readers and viewers interested well past dawn.

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