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100 - Rollercoaster

“Any hard no´s?”

     I smiled, and felt warmth spread around my heart. It was so nice to be asked what my boundaries were. It made me trust him and the situation even more.

     “I don´t know,” I said honestly. “Sir.”

     He smiled. “You don't have to call me ´sir´,” he said, “unless you want to. This isn't a movie or a book.” He leaned forward, so close that I could almost kiss his mouth. “This… is real,” he said.

     I tried to kiss him after he said that, but he pulled away. Damnit. He gave my face a tiny slap. I don't think I have been slapped since I was a little girl. When I had been a bad girl, I thought wryly.

     “How was that? Was that okay?” He asked his questions sincerely, and his hand loosened a little bit on my hair. I felt like we were two actors in a play, reviewing a complicated scene before we went out onstage. Or maybe like a pair of athletes, going over the possible plays, before going back onto the court. Whatever we were doing, we were doing it together.

5955 words (FF, MM, MF, FMM, D/s)

Cover art by Erotikars
IG: @erotikars

100 - Rollercoaster

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