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101 - Good Girl

“Good girl, baby,” he murmured. “Yeah…That's it….that's a good girl…”.


     With those words murmuring encouragement, I started sucking Christian in earnest. His big cock swelled inside my mouth, and I loved how he filled me up. He tasted salty yet sweet, and I think I even detected traces of Tatiana´s lipstick along his shaft, from when she was blowing him earlier. Keeping my hand around its base, I slid my lips over his dick and went down, sliding my head all the way until the front of my mouth almost touched the side of my index finger. Then, I slowly slid back up. It was a bit of a tease, of course, but I really wanted to make him ache for it, to really pine for me to suck and swallow. I repeatedly went up and down along his shaft, keeping my pace nice and steady, and also tried to keep my eyes gaze up towards him. My current angle, though, kneeling in front and giving him a blowjob, didn´t allow me to see Christian´s face anymore. All I could see was what was right in front of me: his muscular stomach, his bellybutton, his pubic hair. A line of fine light-colored body hair ran vertically down his stomach, starting from around his breast bone. His belly swelled and relaxed as he breathed and grunted. Each sound from him got a little bit lower, a little more animal, as I slid and swallowed up his cock.


     “Nnnng-ahhng,” I said.


5914 words (MF, FF, FMM, MM, D/s)


Cover art by Erotikars

IG: @erotikars

101 - Good Girl

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