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102 - Heart Shaped Box

“You wanna try this out with me?” she asked. “I´ve never used it, and always wanted to.”

     I looked at it. “Sure,” I replied. “But first…”.

     I wanted to finish my thought not with words, but with action, so I pulled Shannon`s mouth up to mine so we could share a long sloppy kiss. Her mouth tasted like a blend of cinnamon and wine, and her tongue welcomed the chance to play and lick with mine. She was a really good kisser, and I enjoyed grabbing a handful of her round firm ass to pull her closer to me while we made out. I could have stayed right there for a little while longer, but then Shannon pulled away from me and knelt down onto the floor.

     “C´mon,” she said, “we don't have much time.”


5660 words (FFMMM)

Cover art by Erotikars

102 - Heart Shaped Box

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