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104 - The Hunt for the Golden Horn

The exchange of their gazes, suspended within a moment of stillness that was perhaps the duration of a resting heartbeat, or the blink of a stallion´s drowsy eye, felt exquisitely arousing, at least to the mighty centaur. The beauty of this being was so intense, he thought, ran so deep and was such an example of perfected grace, that Vrol now knew deep within his being why so many artists continued to return to its form in their poems and in their sculpture. The image of this magical horse appeared across Grecian urns, while its graceful form had been replicated from wood and stone. Seeing such stunning beauty proved an aphrodisiac upon Vrol, and he grunted as his long thick member below his powerful belly quickly stiffened, becoming harder than a spear, and its head dripping its milky tears like honey. 

     You´re so beautiful, Vrol mused, that I must ravish you. I must have you, so that I may scourge you.


6505 words

(centaurs, MM, MF)


Cover art by Jai Prompito

104 - The Hunt for the Golden Horn

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