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105 - Shame-Free

He and Nat had both chatted with a number of potential guys online, but of them all, this one possessed the best vibe and seemed the most open-minded. Both of them knew that what they were seeking was a bit unusual, but Greg didn't bat an eye, and appeared game to at least give it a shot. The other guys from the “short list” Max and Natalie had created all seemed a little off for one reason or another. Some acted almost too casual about the proposal, while others killed the vibe by just talking the whole thing to death. None of them seemed to have good social antennae, and seemed more interested in almost performing their own point of view versus genuinely listening or sharing their thoughts. They wanted a guy to get a little sexy with, not make a doctor's appointment, for Chrissakes.

MM, MF (5621 words)

Cover art by Jai Prompito

105 - Shame-Free

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