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20 - Fourplay

"As I danced and moved, I could see that her brown eyes never left gazing at my body. My audience of one must be doing another one of her gesture-drawings: sketches from the unconscious, Ayesha told me once, a visual art form where you try to remove the judgment of the ego by not seeing what you were making. Just the physical act of drawing. Making lines and images into a purely emotional document. 


"While her right hand drew, Ayesha´s other hand clutched the thick blonde hair of Violette, my French friend and sometime lover, whose head was buried between the artist´s legs. Kneeling on her hands and knees, Violette´s large round ass arched up into the air, the orange candlelight licking the bare skin around her thighs."


MMFF (5258 words)


Cover art by Lauren Rae


20 - Fourplay

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