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22 - Everything is a Drawing

"She felt inspired. Perhaps it was the rush of having CJ, one of the most private people on campus, half-naked in front of her? Maybe it was the adrenalin of needing to get a shit-ton of work completed within the next 36 hours? Or maybe it was because she´d always had a crush on CJ, but never had the chance to tell her, much less show her?


"CJ kept her glasses on, and whenever Em glanced up from the energetic images forming on her cascading pages, she tried to at least meet her gaze, if not match it. She felt disarmed by the intensity of CJ´s eyes, calm and penetrating. Even though she was the one barely wearing any clothes, Em felt more uncomfortable and exposed in front of her."


3186 words (FF)


Cover art by Emilee Lord

22 - Everything is a Drawing

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