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34 - Appearances

"...You see that woman over there? The one wearing that gold dress?”

     Veronika quickly found her amongst the other guests. She wore a low-cut dress which appeared to be layers of gold, and which showed off her giant breasts, probably fake. Her bronze skin and thick blonde hair made Veronika assume she was Scandinavian, or perhaps German. Even from her, she could hear that she had an ugly laugh, like some farm animal braying. While her face was child-like, her hips and ass were those of a woman who definitely knew what adults like to see and touch.

     “Yes? What about her?”

     Damien looked at her with a raised eyebrow, then leaned forward to whisper warm words into Veronika´s ear. 

     “You grab her by the hair, exposing her throat..."


3469 words (MM, FF)


Cover art by Eva Dalila Rojano


34 - Appearances

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