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37 - Secret Agent

"My hands knew where to go to pin him with my desire. One went to his jaw, to hold his mouth in place, a jagged opening filling up with a mixture of fear and desire; the other covering the nipple of the chest over his heart, and beginning to tease it with precise little circles. The top of my thigh slid in-between his, rubbing up against his crotch. His cock was growing hard quickly, as I expected. I smiled again.

“You have a package for me?” I murmured teasingly.

Before he could reply, I silenced his mouth with my lips and tongue. He didn't resist, which was good. So many people try filling up the silences with words, not knowing how useless it all is. Clearly, he wanted contact, just like I did. Needed it. Keeping his mouth in place with my hand, I felt his nipple harden beneath his shirt, and my thigh rubbed his cock hard, making this newbie squirm with frenzied pleasure. He tried pulling his mouth away from me, but I gave him a light tap on the cheek. Suddenly he was still, as I had gotten his attention. He looked me in the eyes."


3578 words (MM)


Cover Art by John Michael Reefer

IG: @johnreefer

37 - Secret Agent

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