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38 - Ivy League

"As she prepared herself mentally and physically for the gathering, Ivy felt pretty optimistic about her prospects of at least having some kind of a hook-up by the pool of this guy Daniel, if not a couple of phone numbers. She wasn´t a porn star or anything, but she also wasn´t any sort of couch potato either. Ivy kept herself in good physical shape, even after having raised four kids. Plus, while everyone handles divorce in different ways, Ivy´s strategy after she and Marco split up was an unlimited membership at her local gym for unlimited hot yoga classes. The plan was to add healthy anonymous sex to her physical regimen, as she always found fucking a perfect way to process out her feelings, but then this stupid fucking pandemic happened, and the lockdown, social distancing, all of that shit. Aside from some interaction with her kids, Ivy couldn´t remember the last time she´d had physical contact with another human, much less enjoyed a really good fuck. The timing of Daniel´s party, and just fantasizing about the possibility of some Sexy Time this weekend, felt like exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus, the guy´s house in Princeton had a pool, the forecast said clear skies, and Ivy was told that the guy-to-gal ratio was 2-to-1."


5694 words (FMMMM)


Cover art by John Michael Reefer

IG: @johnreefer

38 - Ivy League

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