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41 - The Maggie Nelson Book Club

Anne moved her kisses down to Alex’s neck, licking her exposed throat, her long hair falling down her back in a black cascade. Her tiny hands clutched Anne’s head, bringing her closer, as if she was afraid what would happen if she were to let go. Alex then opened her eyes with heavy lids, and looked over at Christian, who sat smiling on the hardwood floor. One corner of her mouth cracked into a smile, and as Anne continued kissing her neck, she looked at him with lust, desire, and need. She extended an arm towards him, beckoning, and his grin widened. She then gestured with her hand more obviously, motioning to come over. Anne´s right, she thought to herself, his radar really is broken.


“Get over here, silly,” she commanded.


6137 words (MFM)


Cover art by John Michael Reefer

IG: @johnreefer

41 - The Maggie Nelson Book Club

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