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42 - The Cost of Living

"Damn, this shit is good.” She watched the smoke above her head as she blew it out above their heads, creating a hazy canopy over the sofa.


“Yeah, I have a good connection, been using him for years.”


“Gets me kinda horny.”


Cory began to giggle, and then this grew into a louder song of laughter. Darcy joined in, and when she tried to take a final hit off of the bowl, realized it was dead. She put it aside, and then watched her old friend recover from her laughing jag. When she looked up, she wiped her blonde hair off of her face, and her eyes looked wet. Darcy couldn't tell if she was crying from laughter, or from the pot, or from thinking about her soon-to-be-ex-husband. The two women looked at each other in silence, and then Cory kicked off her shoes, and placed her feet on her friend´s bare legs. Darcy began messaging them. She moaned with pleasure, and lay her head back, one hand casually unbuttoning the top of her shirt. Darcy looked at her neck, the top of her chest, the promise of her small round breasts.


3282 words (FF)


Cover art by John Michael Reefer

IG: @johnreefer

42 - The Cost of Living

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