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44 - The Lone Wolf

"Martin slid his arms around his lover and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He could still taste the coffee on Roger´s tongue, of course, but also savored the faint flavors of the red wine and beef bourguignon that had been prepared for his birthday. After all these years, Martin still loved the way this beautiful man kissed. The taste and feel of his tongue always reminded him of dry leather, cowboys, the frontier. Perhaps this vibe is what ultimately drew them to sell everything they had and move out to this part of the country, make a new start. Facing the night together, his arms wrapped around Martin´s waist, Roger could feel that both were looking for answers from the starless black, but with two different questions. It felt like they were survivors, buoyed along some tiny vessel without a sail, adrift on a windless night."


3476 (MM)
Cover art by John Norton


44 - The Lone Wolf

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