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45 - On Freedom

“No need to apologize,” I said.


Finally free, the nipples of her breasts grew immediately erect, perhaps with the change of temperature, or the release of pressure. They were beautiful and small, their long nipples seeming to point almost horizontally. I leaned forward to suck one with my mouth. I began gently, my tongue warm, wet, and curious, but I felt her shudder with a new level of pleasure almost immediately, and I could almost feel the grooves of the goosebumps along her skin of her breast. Christian shifted on the couch, and began using one of his hands to tease her other breast while he sloppy-kissed her hungry mouth.


“Unh,” she gasped, looking at the two of us, “that feels really good.”


6219 words (FFM)


Cover Art by John Norton


45 - On Freedom

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