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47 - The Art of Cruelty

While Anne rummaged in the bedroom, Alex and I lightly kissed and touched in the living room. We sat on the floor, shoulder to shoulder, our mouths playing with each other´s tongues tenderly, until Anne returned with a slender cane made of bamboo.


“Is this all right,” she asked.


Alex nodded with a smile, and moved her body forward onto her hands and knees. Anne stood with authority, tapping the end of the cane into one of her open palms. I adjusted Alex´s underwear so it was more slender, almost like a thong, making more of her skin available, vulnerable, and exposed, before giving her rump a final slap. She was on her hands and knees, her head down, her long black hair covering her face from view. She arched up her hips, offering her behind to her Mistress, who was now the only one moving in the room. Anne circled her slowly, like a general inspecting a new recruit, before stopping behind her. Her lips pursed together as she viewed the back of Alex´s beautiful body. Then, lightly and rhythmically, she began tapping our lover´s ass cheeks with the cane. Slowly, steadily, irrevocably, like the passage of time. I looked up at my girlfriend´s commanding, naked beauty, and smiled in fascination. Her mouth was open in an O, and I could feel how turned on she was by her role, waves of energy were invisibly moving through the room, the space filled with the presence of her power. Suddenly, Anne swung the bamboo cane, hard, cutting the air with a faint whistle.  Suddenly, our lover´s beautiful round ass was struck."

6245 words (FFM)

Cover art by John Norton

IG: @nortonmanart

47 - The Art of Cruelty

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