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48 - White

"She produced a cigarette, seemingly out of thin air, like magic. Leather Boy immediately pulled a book of matches from out of his crotch, and began to frantically attempt to strike a flame. Bret frowned, witnessing this bizarre theater, this near-impossible task made even more difficult with the gusts of the Vermont winds blowing. Were the matches themselves damp, Bret wondered, due to the sweat between his legs? Wetting his lips with his tongue, he began to smile, a shark suddenly catching a scent of blood in the water. 


And then, miraculously, a feeble flame, protected by the cup of Leather Boy´s hands, was offered reverently to the Nurse. She bent forward slightly, revealing her nearly-bare-breasts, her full lips surrounding the filter of the white cigarette like the stem of a lollipop. She sucked, then raised her head, releasing a long plume of smoke into the night.  The Nurse seemed to enjoy Leather Boy´s earlier struggles lighting the matches. If anything, Bret thought, based on how hard her nipples strained beneath the duct tape covering them, his string of failures gave her a rush."


4925 words (MM, MF)

Cover art by Robert Flynt

IG: @robertflyntfoto


48 - White

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