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51 - Crazy Little Thing

Anne purred, then crawled over towards her before I could volunteer my own story of when I first realized I was neither homosexual nor heterosexual. My partner gently kissed our girlfriend on the mouth, their hands cradling each other´s face or hips. I leaned back, resting my back on the edge of the sofa, enjoying once again witnessing the two of them being affectionate with one another. Obviously, the conversation had shifted away from magazine covers and ´80s movies. We could talk about all of that more later, if we wanted to. Or not. 


I felt myself becoming aroused, and my eyes looked up into the black screen again, and again, I saw someone there. A man, a little bit younger than me, with close-cropped hair and a mustache. He was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and a white tee shirt, and he stood up behind the couch in the reflection. This time, I didn't turn my head around, but just smiled, recognizing who it was. I looked back towards the two beautiful women in front of me.


6331 words (MFF, MM)


Cover art by Robert Flynt


51 - Crazy Little Thing

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