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56 - Stockholm Syndrome (Part 4: Midsummer´s Eve)

     Even though my back was turned towards him, I could feel his body´s damp heat. He must've taken a hot shower after the meeting ended, and I felt a few drops of water on the back of my neck. Silently, he nuzzled his body close to mine, his hand firmly resting on my hip. Even through my sweatpants, I could feel his stiff erection poking against the back of me. 


     Without thinking about it, I let out a soft whimper, and wiggled my body closer into his. Wayne´s lips gently kissed my neck, before he moved my oversized night shirt down a little,  exposing one shoulder, his lips moving down to kiss me there. My back slowly began to writhe up against his chest, my spine making tiny little undulations, nuzzling closer to him. His hand went back down to my hip, and then pulled me close. I let out a tiny hiss, and opened my lips.


     “Nnnnnnggggg,” I groaned. 


     “Shhhhhhh,” he said into my ear.


4445 words (MF)


Cover art by Robert Flynt

IG @robertflyntfoto

56 - Stockholm Syndrome (Part 4: Midsummer´s Eve)

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