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57 - Stockholm Syndrome (Part 5: The Candy House)

I kept my head down on the edge of the mattress, my eyes shut tight, as Erik pounded his cock into me from behind. My bare knees were starting to feel a little sore from being on the hardwood floor, but I knew that asking him to stop or slow down wasn't really an option. Nor was it even desirable, in fact. The roughness, the hardened edge of this sex, was part of what it was about.


I turned my head right, and looked at Beate. Her face was in profile, and she too was on her knees. Her back arched even deeper, pushing her giant breasts forward, her hands braced on the edge of the mattress. Behind her, Wayne was thrusting his hips against her ass aggressively, his hand clutching her thick blonde hair like pulling on the mane of a horse. I slid a hand across the mattress and touched her hand, and felt hers grip mine back.


9529 words (MF, FF, MM, MFM, FFM)


Cover art by Robert Flynt

IG: robertflyntfoto

57 - Stockholm Syndrome (Part 5: The Candy House)

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