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60 - Search and Rescue

Their breathing slowed down, finally getting in sync. As the sound of the storm outside intensified, the two seemed to pull each other tighter, their lives entangled somewhere outside of history. Keeping his face hidden between her breasts, Richard pulled Tori closer to him. He squeezed her lower back, and he slid down to her waist, his little fingers suddenly brushing against the top of her ass. Suddenly he flinched, moving his hand away from that strong curve of hers, as if he had touched fire. 

“Sorry,” he said quickly.

“Don´t be,” she replied. After a pause, she added more quietly: “You can put your hand back there, if you want.”



5561 words (MF)


Cover art by Hector Gomez

IG: hectorgomez

60 - Search and Rescue