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62 - Ice Cream

Jill nodded. We stopped talking after that, concentrating instead on touch and sensation. I tried to follow her lead, explore this new territory with her as our guide. I had at least seven inches and fifty pounds on her, but Jill´s hands were strong, and not lacking in confidence. She was really twisting me hard, causing me to lift up onto the balls of my feet, as I tried to keep up with her. Yet, no matter what I did to try and match the intensity, instead of recoiling from it, Jill seemed to enjoy it even more. Nothing seemed to be too hard or too much for this girl. The skin in her cheeks glowed more and more pink with passion and heat, even though the air-conditioner was blasting away on our half-naked bodies, and her lips snarled like something wild. Just looking at her in this state was a turn-on: so different from how I first met her, and her image as a professional and ultra-organized stage manager.

4717 words (MF)


Cover art by Hector Gomez
IG: hectorgomez

62 - Ice Cream

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