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63 - Might Be Fun

I went in, hearing the familiar drone of her two air-conditioners working. Three steps inside the hallway, no one there. I turned my head towards the kitchen: nobody. I was about to call her name, when I thought I heard something down the hall, coming from her bedroom. As I walked slowly down there, I heard a crisp sound, slow but crisp. I couldn't figure out what it was. I got to her open doorway, and peered inside her bedroom.

Jill was kneeling on her futon in front of a man. Even though his back was to me, he seemed familiar. He had Jill by the hair, exposing her face and neck. And when his hand came down, I knew what the sound was: he was slapping her. And Jill was loving it. Each time he slapped her face, she let out a gasp. Each time, she smiled, looking up at him with this almost drunken expression on her face, and would give him another nod. Then, another slap. I watched, mesmerized, fascinated, confused. Jealous. Aroused. Then, suddenly, he released her hair, and then Jill slapped him across the face. And when he did, his face turned to one side, and now I knew why I recognized the back of his body a moment ago.


6399 words (FMM)


Cover art by Hector Gomez

IG: hectorgomez

63 - Might Be Fun

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