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64 - Atalanta

Minutes later, he was pushing into her forward and back, the pair in a kind of a standing-version of doggystyle. Diana liked this position: liked how the cock could hit her a little more deeply this way. She also liked how she didn´t have to look at the person, or get distracted by their face, or their body. This was her therapy, and she found she could open up more if she didn't have to look at whoever was connected to that dick.


Diana pushed her hips back a little bit, trying to get more of him into her. Ish didn´t have the biggest cock she'd ever had, but also not the smallest. She just wanted to get his pubic bone to bang more against her ass, towards the floor of her pelvis. She scrunched her hands onto the top of the mattress, trying to find a way to work this as best she could.


 3515 words (FM)


Cover art by Hector Gomez

IG: @hectorgomez

64 - Atalanta

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