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66 - Delta

I turned back to Miranda, and did my best to put that gorgeous man out of my mind for a spell. I wanted to concentrate on Miranda, to really take in her body: how the candlelight licked her skin, how her sweat gave her an almost golden sheen. The room already smelled of our sex and our heat, from when we shared sucking off Cal earlier, but I closed my eyes to tune into her scent more specifically. Flaring my nostrils and inhaling deeply, I caught something wafting through the air–something faint and flowery, a discrete bouquet of lavender with a touch of honeysuckle. Maybe a soap from earlier that morning, or maybe from the oil she applied to her hands before she massaged my shoulders, but it was definitely coming from her. 


Her face was open and expectant, and so wonderfully unusual. Her eyes were oval-shaped with laugh lines at the corners, and her curiosity lit up her dark eyes like sparks flying from flint. Despite the sweat from her earlier efforts sucking Cal´s huge cock, her black hair still retained its shape, a few wet strands sticking to her cheek. I leaned forward to kiss her, wanting to slow things down a bit and savor her sweetness.


2678 (FF, FFM) 


Cover art by Hector Gomez

IG: hectorgomez

66 - Delta

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