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67 - Last One Standing

Cal was crouched forward between us, his beautiful giant black ass an open offering. I gently placed my hand over him, and began to rub. Touching his body felt like caressing a sculpture or dense wood, his muscles were so firm. Miranda and I stood opposite each other at the foot of the bed, also naked, with Cal´s prone body in-between. She looked down at him as I continued to rub, then met my gaze with one raised eyebrow and more than a little mischief in her eyes. I gave her a slight nod, and the sound of the loud slap of her hand coming down onto his ass cheek felt like the room itself vibrated, as if the walls themselves rippled slightly. Cal grunted from her strike, then moved his hips in a little shimmy. I giggled, continued to rub in slow, lazy circles, before quickly bringing my own hand down to his other ass cheek, trying to create another small thunderclap. He grunted again, welcoming the incoming storm. Even from his physical position on the bed, and even by the candlelight, I could see the silhouette of his cock dangling beneath him, and how it was beginning to stir back into life.

3302 words (FFM)
Cover art by Hector Gomez
IG: hectorgomez

67 - Last One Standing

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