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68 - Monarchs

My hands explored more of the front of your body, moving up from your stomach and towards your sternum, that secret space in between your breasts. My fingers found the tip of your xiphoid at the bottom of your sternum, reminding me of a shark´s tooth. I traced the outline of your bra, underneath your small breasts, and our bodies pressed against one another closer. You moaned, surrendering your weight into my chest. My hands cupped your breasts and gently squeezed, feeling your nipples harden beneath the fabric. Your hands gripped the wooden railing, and you used this leverage to push your ass back against me. Our desires and needs were growing urgent, spoken in movement instead of words. Our kisses became more feverish, spilling out of our mouths and onto our cheeks, necks, ears. Silently, I tried to shout how much I needed you, how much you mean to me.


2955 words (MF)


Cover art by Matt Gold
IG: mattgoldphoto

68 - Monarchs

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