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69 - Illusion

      We swallow whatever is left like we´re doing shots, then I give us both a refill. I'm keeping the bottle handy, as I want to be sure I can give myself another shot whenever I need it. I also am pretty selfish when it comes to booze. I may bring some to a party, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna share it. 


     We nod and sway to the end of the ballad, but I guess someone got sick of GnR´s down-tempo twang on track six, as a new CD was popped into the player. The opening sounded like a flurry of mechanical insects, all flapping their wings at different speeds. When the heavy drum laden with bass kicked in with its pounding fury, I immediately knew what the song was, and felt excited. Randall knew what it was, too, and I felt my boner getting bigger inside my clothes.


     “Woo hoo!”

     “Let´s dance,” I yell.


6524 words (MM)

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69 - Illusion

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