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70 - RIVALS (prologue): "Beta Testing"

“The future is tactile, Stu,” she affirmed. She slipped one hand beneath her swimsuit and began to casual play with one of the nipples. “People have been in their heads for years,” she went on, “even before smart phones made everyone so dumb. Those boys up north never understood what me and the girls down here in the Valley always knew: that people don´t want to just look. They want to touch.”


In the water, the Rival shifted out of a side stretch under the water into doing some kind of twist. Form number four. Almost time. 

“It's a truth as old as time, Stu,” she said, “and it's what IntimaTek will give like no one else on the planet: the real thing. Guilt-free pleasure. The truly zipless fuck.” 


4957 words (F/AI) dystopian erotica

Cover art by Matt Gold
IG: mattgoldphoto

70 - RIVALS (prologue): "Beta Testing"

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