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71 - The Playground

     I wiped my eyes, and Kimmy yanked my pants and underwear down to just below my knees. She paused suddenly, her eyes intently staring at the head of my stiff cock.

     “That's what I'm talking about,” she said quietly.

     Loudly hacking up some spit, Kimmy shot the sticky wad onto my cock, spreading it around with her right hand like lather. She stroked me slowly and firmly, just the way she knew I liked it, and I immediately felt strained with pleasure. I didn´t expect us to be having sex in such an exposed and public place, and the danger of the situation was turning me on. What would we do, if someone caught us?


3064 words (MF)


Cover art by Matt Gold

IG: mattgoldphoto

71 - The Playground

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