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72 - The Clags

     “You,” he grunted to Iris, gazing down to her along his sharp shaft. “Run, clag.”


     Agelaus instinctively stepped in front of her, using his body as a shield.  The centaurs´ snorts reverberated across the distance. “Aw, look at that, Vrol,” Lira teased. “He has feelings for her.”


     “One or two, makes no difference to me,” her companion replied. “I like a challenge.” As Agelaus had observed earlier with Lira, violence seemed a thrilling aphrodisiac for Vrol, too. Beneath his round black belly, his large penis was erect, as long as a pole. Though terrified, the naked prisoner remained where he was, his hands extended away from his sides, his bare chest the only defense against the arrow´s sharp tip. Vrol pulled the string back, and Agelaus closed his eyes, bravely awaiting its fatal impact.


5983 (MM, MF, FF / fantasy)


Cover art by Matt Gold

IG: mattgoldphoto

72 - The Clags

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