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76 - RIVALS (part I): "Courtney"

Pouring himself a fresh glass of wine, Fuong watched his humanoid sex toy dance on the table. Courtney´s thick red hair, still damp from the ocean, exuded a bouquet of salt, which the MindStream CEO could smell from across the room, even as the wine tickled his nose. Her bare skin was smooth ivory, with flecks of red freckles falling down the front of her neck and along her limbs. Her small tuft of pubic hair was a lighter shade of crimson than the hair falling heavily around her face, which Courtney shook away from her eyes lazilly, like she had just stepped out of a shower. Her nipples were pink, reminding Fuong of the small erasers he used as a child in school. Fuong sipped, inwardly congratulating Tabitha for her achievement. The Rival series is going to change the world, he thought, lowering his glass, gazing at her limbs sensually swaying, her skin dusted with cinnamon. Fuong felt his body growing aroused at the possibilities he could do with this creature.

8722 words (M/AI) - dystopian erotica


Cover art by Matt Gold
IG mattgoldphoto

76 - RIVALS (part I): "Courtney"

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