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77 - The Surprise

She erased my crooked grin with her kiss, but kept her hand stroking between my legs for a while, until we pressed closer together. Amber´s torso was smooth and supple, and our kiss seemed to activate more heat within the cold new room. My tongue darted and swirled inside her wet mouth, and my hands explored the different contours of her back–all the little ridges between her vertebrae, the muscular columns of her posture muscles, the soft triangles of her shoulder blades. Her hands gripped my waist, pulling me into her, before shifting to frantically untuck my shirt from inside my pants. I pulled away from the kiss for a moment, so that I could get that goddamn shirt off as quickly as possible, while she began to unbuckle my belt.


“This has to go,” she whispered matter of factly.


7522 words (MF)


Cover art by Matt Gold

IG: @mattgoldphoto

77 - The Surprise

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