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80 - Weird Eden

“Really?” Vic tilted her head to one side, and leaned closer from the waist. The sun had set hours ago, but some of the ambient light from outside caught some strands of her short blonde hair. Jo thought she looked like a nocturnal queen, wearing a crown of flame. She always felt warm and strong in Vic´s company, and admired her friend´s Teutonic no-nonsense approach to life. Jo frequently felt like she was at sea, her head in the clouds, while Vic seemed to consistently have her feet planted firmly on the earth. She looked down at her friend´s chest, rising and falling in the dark, and felt her cheeks redden. Did she have a crush on Vic? Even though this was college, in an experimental theater program, Jo usually pushed that question away. She felt sure about her identity, didn't she? She liked guys, and any tingles for women were just thoughts and feelings to place into that drawer, deep down in the back of her mind.  At least, that's what Jo had always done in the past, before she started getting more and more in touch with her feelings. Tonight, for the first time, she didn't put that feeling immediately into the box. Instead, she let it linger there, feeling warmed by its glow, and grew aroused the more she thought about it. 

4865 words (FFM)
Cover art by Anthony Sturmas

80 - Weird Eden

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