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81 - The Dark Mountain

"Returning to standing erect upon her feet, the queen gazed down at the young girl's exposed breasts. They were plump and firm, and their nipples were erect towards the half-moon above the open-air temple, where these ceremonies took place. This one had begun developing late, and Hippolyta wondered if this would cause her to remember more agony after they were finished. Standing regally, her crown forged with the fearsome bones of the bull, her sacred girdle draped over her muscular hips loosely so that she could run, climb, or sit, the queen brought her hand to her own chest, her fingertips touching the single breast which covered her heart. Her palm, meanwhile, covered the ancient scar of where her own right breast once was, but which had been removed so many seasons ago, but other Amazons, in a ritual identical to this one."


4393 words (MF, MFM / Fantasy)

Cover art by Christian Pan

81 - The Dark Mountain

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