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84 - The Lamb

"His touch was strong and confident, which I liked, definitely getting me turned on. My breathing dropped down low into my stomach, and I felt my cock stiffening up inside my black jeans. I looked towards the driver's rear view mirror, but he wasn't paying attention to us–not yet, anyway. I tightened my ass muscles, and lifted my hips off of the car seat for a second, it felt so good, having his hand touching me there. I turned towards him, thinking we might share a kiss, some kind of passionate moment together like we were in a movie. Or maybe, in this scene, the two of us would just look at each other, our mouths parted while he rubbed my thigh, his hand closer and closer to my dick, sharing this feeling of lust and desire together in the back of the cab until we got to his apartment building, where we would run inside and fuck each other´s brains out."

5633 (MM, kink)
Cover art by Anthony Sturmas

84 - The Lamb

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