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85 - Scenes From a Date

But Michael couldn´t drop it. He couldn't just leave it alone. After tossing his keys onto the table in the living room, he went to turn on a couple of lamps. He would offer her a drink. Did he have anything in the kitchen besides beer? Had he already finished that bottle of wine that he got a while back?

     “There have been so many productions of this play done already,” he continued, trying not to sound like a teacher. “The question is, how do you do a new version of a classic?”

     “That's not the question,” Amanda said.


     She turned off the lamps he had just turned on, plunging the living room back into near-darkness. From the windows facing the avenue, a soft blue glow filled the room from the lights coming from outside. The sounds of the city seemed louder now: someone was yelling at somebody else downstairs, a car was honking its horn, and some hip hop music was bumping loudly from someone´s car.

     “That's not,” she repeated slowly, “the question.”

4709 words (MF)

Cover art by Anthony Sturmas


85 - Scenes From a Date

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