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86 - Shut the F*** Up (Part One)

“That's it, baby,” she purred. “Oh yeah. Give it to me.”


She adjusted her legs, placing the soles of her feet on top of his shoulders now, so he could plunge even deeper inside of her. She took in his face, which was slender and sharp, and reminded her of a bird. As a photographer and filmmaker, his expression usually lacked any kind of affect, and rarely drew any sort of attention to itself. Justin liked working behind the scenes, in the shadows, while others like her took the spotlight. But now, in the middle of their fucking, she got to enjoy a whole range of facial expressions from him, ones that only his lovers would ever see. The muscles across his forehead and mouth contorted and twisted while he fucked her, the calm bird now becoming a ravenous animal. These were his most private self, and Shannon loved that she got to be the one to see this side of him. 


“Come on,” she urged him on. “Harder. Gimme that cock, baby.”


3189 (MF)


Cover art by Anthony Sturmas


86 - Shut the F*** Up (Part One)

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