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87 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Two)

Shannon bobbed her head forward and back. When she squeezed the tops of his thighs, her fingers dug into his thigh muscles, strong from countless hours standing and holding film equipment, as well as riding his bicycle around Brooklyn. But now, she felt them tightening up from her sucking, felt the warmth of his inner thighs trembling closer to her ears. Shannon firmly moved his legs wide enough apart so she could slide her mouth easily along the entire length of her cock. When his thighs started to press again, she pulled away for a moment, a trail of thick spit trailing from the head of his dick to the front of her lips.


“Relax,” she commanded from beneath the table. “Keep working.”


“Shut the fuck up,” he grunted.


4298 words (MF)

Cover art by Anthony Sturmas

87 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Two)

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