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89 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Three)

"On the couch, their boyfriends sat side by side, kissing, the pair forming a kind of mirror image of one another, symmetrical in action and arousal. Both of their knees were splayed open, and the top buttons of their pants were open just enough so that each could reach a hand down in-between the other´s legs, clutching firm cocks beneath cotton underwear. Their mouths, tongues, and hands all moved in the same calm rhythm, kissing and stroking, slowly awakening something both part of the conscious mind but also somehow below awareness: something primal, reptilian, the ancient realm connected to appetite and smell and warmth. Anne saw the head of Justin´s cock appear and disappear within Christian´s hand as he stroked up and down, getting their guest nice and hard, and keeping him hard. Justin´s was slightly darker than her boyfriend´s, and from this vantage point, maybe even a little bigger, Anne thought. She wondered what it would feel like inside her mouth, what it would taste like. When she saw a pearl of pre-cum drip from its tiny slit at the head of his dick, she placed an index finger inside her mouth and began to moan, sucking and imagining. Behind her, Shannon pressed her body up against her back, her erect nipples so stiff that Anne could feel them through the fabric of her dress."


5436 words (MM, FF, MF)


Cover art by Ariadna Rodriguez Barclay

IG: @chippiedraws

89 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Three)

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